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If a foreclosure has been filed against you, you need an experienced attorney to defend your rights and interests to and in your property.  Call us today if your bank is threatening you with a foreclosure lawsuit, or if you have already received court documents.


Mr. Sharp understands the economic realities of many Oklahomans and knows of the unease that a foreclosure action can bring.  He has been litigating multiple areas of the law since 2014, but importantly, has provided legal work for many banks/lenders and their service companies.  


Mr. Sharp is well-versed with the Federal Rules and Regulations governing many mortgage loans, and can provide insight which may allow you to bring your mortgage loan current and keep your home. These options can include loan modifications, refinancing or Bankruptcy, if needed. He is ready and able to put this experience to work for you today.


Mr. Sharp knows first-hand the difficulties facing homeowners in this day and age.  He understands that many homeowners face the real possibility of losing their home due to these uncertain economic times and is here to help protect the equity and rights of all homeowners. 


Mr. Sharp will cover all available options in an effort to keep you in your home and get you out of the foreclosure machine.  There are also practical solutions for those homeowners unsure of whether they should try to catch up on their mortgage loan. 


Contact him today to review your situation and see what can be done.  Please reach out, help is only a phone call or an email away.



We'll get back to you soon!

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